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Qc Supervisor

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We are China Top International Engineering Corporation Arabia Limited Company. Now we got new project from Aramco,The Project location is Haradh and Wudayhi , The Project type is house construction building , Then We want recruit QC Supervisor。

Requirements for this position follows:

1 Quality Inspection: Conduct regular inspections of construction site to verify
compliance with project specifications, codes, and standards.

2 Document Review: Prepare ITP, Review project plans, blueprints, and technical
documents to understand quality requirements, specifications, and standards
that need to be met.

3 Material Inspection: Inspect and approve construction materials, such as
concrete, steel, asphalt, and other related to civil activities, to ensure they
meet project requirements, project specifications and are of high quality.
• Workmanship Assessment: Assess the workmanship of contractors and
subcontractors to ensure they follow proper construction techniques and
maintain quality standards.

4 Safety Compliance: Monitor, highlight and report safety violations and ensure
that construction activities follow safety protocols and regulations.

5 Testing and Sampling: Collect samples of materials and conduct various tests,
such as soil compaction, concrete strength, and asphalt quality, to verify
compliance with specifications.

6 Non-Conformance Reporting: Document and report any non-conformance
issues, deviations, or quality deficiencies, and work with the project team to
resolve them.

7 Audits and Reviews: Conduct internal quality audits and reviews of
construction procedures, documentation, and practices to identify areas for

8 Record Keeping: Maintain detailed records of all quality control activities, (RFIs
in Project, WIR,MIR) inspections, tests, and reports for future reference and
reporting to project stakeholders. WIR is Work Inspection Report, MIR is
Material Inspection Report

9 Progress Reporting: Provide regular progress reports to project Quality
manager and communicating any issues and the status of quality control

10 Continuous Improvement: Suggest and implement process improvements to
enhance quality control procedures and ensure the highest standards are met.

11 Technical Support: Offer technical expertise and guidance to project teams,
answering questions and providing recommendations to maintain quality
12 Training: Provide training to construction teams and subcontractors on quality
control procedures, safety protocols, and best practices.

13 Conflict Resolution: Address any disputes or issues related to quality standards
and work to find resolutions that meet project requirements.

14 Code and Regulation Compliance: Stay up-to-date with building codes,
regulations, Project Quality Plan, Project Scope and industry standards relevant
to engineering and construction

If have interested, can send CV or masage to wahtsapp number 966567492709 and E-mail address is shaqizhai@gmail.com

Basic Details

Location : Region: Haradh

Qualification :

Posted :

Job Type : Full-Time

Company : Saudi Jobs

Contact Info

Mobile : +966 567492709

Alternate Mobile : Not-Mentioned

Email : shaqizhai@gmail.com

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